Simple accompaniments for quick tunes

Playing with others, especially at a fast tempo, can be daunting for any musician. Some of the reasons for this feeling of helplessness can be attributed to:

you usually play alone – you don’t know the melody well – you might not know the chords – you might not have chord knowledge – you try to play too much – you try to play “it all” – you don’t know where the chords change, etc.

A good way to approach playing in a group, for example an Irish session, is to first learn just the chords. Play them slowly and methodically. Use open 5th (see the you tube tutorial).

Here is a way for you to solidly learn to accompany a tune that you may want to play in a group, or at a pub in an Irish session. Provided for you are

1 — lead sheet

2 – chord chart

3 – sound files both fast and slow

You can  download the files mentioned above for free.  They are at – see categories on left side, choose free PDF dowloads and look for Breeches full of Stitches. Enjoy!!

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