A Variety of Harps!

March 23, 2017

Greetings Harpists,

During the course of 2016, we received over a dozen harps from an estate.  John has been diligently assessing and working on these harps, and most of them are now available for sale.  The list below includes those harps plus several others that are on consignment. Please feel free to mention these harps to your friends!   Email spinnerml@sbcglobal.net for larger pictures. These harps are for pick-up only.

Please arrange shipping if you are not in the area. (SE Texas).



Heartland 25-string lap harp with matching stand and knee bones.  In cherry with standard tuning key.  Full

Loveland levers just regulated.
New set of strings just installed. $950.00




Blevins Exthara 24/17 Cross Strung in cherry with spruce soundboard. Bottom has a separation that has been repaired. SN 1922 built in 2004. Maple stand to hold harp. $1250.00


Argent Fox Cross Harp – we think it is a Brother Benjamine 3 and 1/2 octave cross harp. although it goes up to G rather than F as described on his web site.  Serial Number XC059806N. Nylon strings. $750

 These two are such a comparison/contrast. The natural 17, built in 2008 has the contemporary L&H bright sound, known for piercing through an orchestra. One hundred years older, the rich mellow 24 with gold has the same decal, and has an obvious experienced look to it. The 24 really does have a beautiful and mellow sound showing years of love. Both harps are worthy of being played for many years to come. More info below.


Style 17 in Natural. With matching bench, dolly, standard cover and tuning key. SN 17995
L&H Style 24
Built in 1905
New Strings installed.
No cover
Tuning key
Great Condition!
SN 662

There are several other harps, including a Clement Cross Strung, in as-is condition. Also 3 wire strung harps that would require repair. Email Mary for pictures of these harps, which John will not be repairing.

New print music:
The Joy of Easter by Joy Slavens  i- download version HERE.Accessory:

Korg PC-1 Pitch Clip clip-on tuner

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Your friends at Melody’s!

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