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Mitch Landy’s Music

Dear Friends,   We are now the distributors of the compositions and arrangements of Mitch Landy! We’ve known Mitch for many years, and are honored that he would choose us to handle his many years of labor.  

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The Heartfelt Music of Fran McGaughey

  Fran’s Music is from the heart. Each composition and arrangement is written for a person, or to comfort, or for that special feeling necessary for the moment. I asked Fran (Eleanor) McGaughey to tell us a little about herself and … Continue reading

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Simple accompaniments for quick tunes

Playing with others, especially at a fast tempo, can be daunting for any musician. Some of the reasons for this feeling of helplessness can be attributed to: you usually play alone – you don’t know the melody well – you … Continue reading

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The Harp in Blues History & What makes Blues sound like the Blues

The Harp in Blues History from Learn How to Play Blues on your Harp by I. Mac Perry As the hot Dixieland combos of the Roaring Twenties began to peak out (they had replaced the 30-year reign of Ragtime), they … Continue reading

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Gustav Holst and the Jupiter Theme

Gustav Holst store site | blog site | publication site Gustav Holst, (1874-1934) born in Cheltenham, England, is probably best known for his Planets Suite.As a child, he loved the piano and practiced it for hours, but did not like … Continue reading

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Playing without Stumbling

Is it a challenge for you to make it through a tune without stopping? In many cases when working on an arrangement, all goes smoothly until the melody becomes developed and the tunes goes off the beaten path. At this … Continue reading

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Arranging from Easy Piano Music by Louise Trotter

ARRANGING FROM PIANO MUSIC As a harpist you no doubt have discovered that it is not an easy matter finding arrangements [of the latest hits or special requests]. Even if you are able to buy them, the process of making … Continue reading

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Farewell Ricky

  We acknowledge the sudden passing of Ricky Radspinner Gill to his new experience (12/1/05-12/20/14). Ricky was pulled from the Lake Jackson SPCA on Dec. 1, 2007. He lived with us just over 7 years. He was at times a … Continue reading

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If you don’t tune in flats

Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher ( says this: Actually, you can easily adapt music in flat keys for a harp tuned in C. For the Eb pieces, just play them in 4 sharps instead – key of E major. Play on the same … Continue reading

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Winter fingertip cracks and woes

Transcript of conversation on LinkIn “Harpists” List (used with permission, edited slightly) The original question was “How can Melody’s be of more service to our customers?” The conversation morphed thus: Renee Hall, Harp Soloist, wrote: This will sound like … Continue reading

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