The Beloved Bard – a new Welsh book

The Beloved Bard – Welsh Music arranged by Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher for harp and flute/violin

Scroll down to download the first piece FREE.  (Right Click, Save As).  Purchase

This collection contains twenty arrangements of beloved Welsh airs, based on collected tunes of Edward Jones, Harper to King George IV. The arrangements are placed in progressive key order to facilitate lever or pedal changes when playing the entire collection as a “set” of Welsh music. Contains minimal lever changes, fingerings, dynamics and guitar chords. (Keys of Bb, F, C and G) Continue reading

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A Style 16 has entered the building

Here it is, May of 2019 and there are a lot of used harps at the shop.  One in particular, a Style 16, came with a small stack of music.  We found 3 price lists:  1957, 1961, unknown. Also what looks like an “almost” original of a Dewey Owens Bach Arioso arrangement. John has had a very pleasant Skype conversation with the owner of the 16.  Both harp and owner have character.  We’re not sure when the harp will be available.  If you’re interested, you are welcome to call the shop at 800-893-4277.
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Las Mañanitas

I love Sam Milligan’s arrangement of “Las Mañanitas” in Medieval to Modern Volume 2. Been playing it for years.

Today when teaching it to one of my students, her father informed me that it is never done in C, always in G.  I didn’t know that!

So….  here is an easy version in the key of G, compliments of Melody’s.  (Click Below)

Las Mananitas

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Playing easily in worship settings

I’ve put up several you tube videos on how to easily fit into an ensemble in the worship setting.  Some of these songs have been played recently with a beginner harpist, and they went very well.  Here is a link to one of the videos.  You can subscribe to the channel if you find them helpful.  If you have songs that need help, also let me know.  —  Mary Radspinner


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The Frog and the Leprechaun

Silly title, lovely music.  Lyrical songs and melodies that you will love.  A CD of the music was recorded by renowned harpist Christina Tourin, and you are welcome to download a track free, right here!  It is “The Green Hills of Clare”  Right click and “save audio as”.

For a more in depth look at the book, please view our you tube:

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The Music of Bill Mahan – available digitally

We are glad to announce that all of Bill Mahan’s titles are now available digitally.  You can click this link for the listing at Melody’s.  Mahan’s music is lovely, containing beautiful lyrical melodies.  They are also playable on the piano. Colors of Italy and California Gold are among his most popular books.  If you like the music of Frank Voltz, you will love Bill Mahan’s music.

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Dragons and Dinosaurs by Reba Lunsford

Searching for great learning pieces for young and old?  Dragons and Dinosaurs by Reba Lunsford is a great choice.  Her explanation of placing is very good:

“Putting the fingers on the strings before playing the first note. Notes are grouped in a series of two, three, or four. It produces better sound and enables more secure, accurate, and faster playing.”

Download a free page from the book – Orbs in the Darkness  Glowing Orbs in Darkness free page

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Mahan’s “Iowa Rivers Suite” now available digitally

Bill Mahan, an architect by trade, has written some of the most beautiful melodies for harp and piano. Born in Iowa, his Iowa Rivers Suite reflects fond memories and brings a visual of beautiful landscapes. It is now available digitally at Melody’s Traditional Music.  Enjoy the sample music, and scroll down for three sound samples played on the harp.

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I. Mac Perry RIP

The extremely energetic, intelligent and multi-talented I. Mac Perry, author of “Learn to Play the Blues on the Harp” died in 2016.  We had not heard from him, and discovered this in a web search.  He authored many books, available on Kindle. Please take a moment to read about this wonderful human being.

I. Mac Perry obituary

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Music for the Double Strung Harp

Thanks to Carolyn Deal and her You Tube tutorials on the Double Strung Harp, the instrument is experiencing a resurgence in popularity both for it’s unique sound and now for some of the really easy techniques Carolyn has been teaching.  Available in three versions:  Paper book, Paper book with CD, PDF digital.  See it here:


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