Gustav Holst and the Jupiter Theme

Gustav Holst

Gustav Holst, (1874-1934) born in Cheltenham, England, is probably best known for his Planets Suite.As a child, he loved the piano and practiced it for hours, but did not like the violin, the instrument his father chose for him. He had neuritis in his hands, which made practicing a pain (literally.)

His first job was in 1893 as organist in a small village. An aspiring composer, this experience helped him understand the inner workings of vocal music.

Gustav’s grandfather (Gustavus) was a harpist! His father (Adolph) was an organist and choir director. His mother, Clara, was a singer. She died when  Gustav was only 8. His stepmother, Mary Thorley Stone, was a pianist. Continue reading

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Award-Winning Film “The Harpist”

Dear Harpists,
You might enjoy the award-winning short film, “The Harpist”. It features music by Meg Robinson, one of the artists in our publishing company. I am playing one of Meg’s songs and have credit at the end. Fame at last!
Here’s the link: Wishes for an excellent summer!Mary R

PS – Meg’s website is

Oh – and one more thing. You can read an interview with Meg on my good friend Sylvia Woods’ Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain Springs Harp Program

JULY 3-24, 2016


Three Weeks of Intensive Harp Study
​and Personal Development


Continue reading

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Houston Summer Harp Festival

Here’s a link to the Houston Summer Harp Festival

This year’s theme:

“Dancing with My Harp”
Sponsored by Houston Baptist University’s School of Music
7502 Fondren Road in Houston, TX 77074-3298

July 11 –  July 16, 2016
Registration Deadline: June 13, 2016
Scholarship Deadline: June 1, 2016
Applicants will be accepted after June 13 if openings are available.

Ensemble Lists: (most music available at Melody’s) Continue reading

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Gulf Coast Harpers Recital Announced

Save the date!!!

The Gulf Coast Harpers Association will host a recital on Sunday, June 12 at 4 pm at the Houston Heights Woman’s Club, 1846 Harvard St., Houston, TX 77008.

This recital will be open to anyone who would like to play: students of all ages, professionals, ensembles, harp with other instruments, any kind of harp!!

Please plan to participate, and encourage your students to play as well.

We will have printed programs, so please let me know what you’ll be playing by June 1.

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March at Melody’s


Dear Friends,We join you in welcoming Spring with its flowers, warmer weather and busy-ness. And we hope you are having a very pleasant weekend doing things that make you happy.

There are many new additions to our website, and here are just a few:
Music from Holly Press, arranged for pedal harp and flute (or flute and violin) Continue reading
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The Wheel of the Year by Carol Wood

Wood, a professor of English literature,  has a Ph.D. in Medieval Literature and has taught courses in Chaucer and in Celtic and Germanic literature for many years. She has always been interested in the important and ancient links between poetry and the harp (or its cousin, the lyre).  She loves setting poems to music and is dedicated to increasing the repertoire of the Celtic harp.

From the Composer: While all eight of these Celtic holidays may not be truly ancient, several of them certainly are; some, like Samhain, have had Christianizing veils cast over them but have kept many of the pre-Christian customs associated with their celebration. Interested harpists will find a wealth of available information about these holidays, their names, and their customs. These notes try only to explain a few things about the eight harp pieces and their sources of inspiration. Continue reading

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February Announcement 2016


Dear Friends,Happy almost Valentine’s Day!  We have been busy reorganizing the web site and restocking.  Here are just a few new items added over the past few weeks:

hearts-icon.jpg  Suzuki Book 5 | Suzuki CD 5

 Anna Dunwoodie of New Zealand has new repertoire books Continue reading
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Best Selling Artists Category

Hi All,

We’re doing away with the “best selling artists” category and “mainstreaming” all those titles into their appropriate categories within the structure of the regular web site. You can search and fine specific arrangers and composers in the drop down box, top left of our site. We think this will allow you to see all titles in the categories of your choice.

screen shot of drop down artists

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Mid-November at Melody’s

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. Continue reading
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